Equipment / Scenarios


All our equipment can be individually programmed  for specific scenarios, but we recommend realistic settings.

Our lasertag system is very flexible, and all of the scenarios can be modified to suit you. Here are a few basic examples:

Control of the battlefield: It’s more or less equivalent of “capture the flag” in paintball/airsoft games. Each team has a hospital at their base, and there are 3 Control Points (CPs) in the middle of the field in equal distances from both hospitals. After the programmed time control points will flash the colour of the winner, the team which controls majority of CPs is victorious.  Swap bases after each round to make equal chances for both teams.

Strategic targets: Each team has a hospital at their base, and a beacon nearby, but the beacon should not be seen from the hospital. Gamemaster decides about the location of beacons and it’s not allowed to move them during the game. The main objective is to find and destroy enemy’s beacon, and to protect yours. Additionally 1 or 3 CPs can be used to indicate victorious team in case if both or none gets destroyed.

IMG_7973Deathmatch: No hospitals, no extra items. Both teams take positions on opposite side of of battlefield, and try to eliminate the enemy. Players cannot get revived, so after “death” they leave the field. The game ends when one team gets eliminated, or after the agreed time. Surviving or more numerous team wins.

Last Man Standing: Similar to deathmatch, but each player is on his/her own,and tries to eliminate everyone else to survive. This scenario requires switching on friendly fire in all guns and it takes about 10 minutes to do in the field. Access to power is needed.

Hostage/VIP: One player has to be unarmed and wear the hostage headband. One team has to transport him alive from one point to another, while the other tries to kill or capture him (it’s relatively easy to kill the hostage, as he takes hits from both sides, so capturing him alive is more challenging). No hospital for the defending team, only medic kit and ammo box.

Storm the Building: Obviously a building is needed for this scenario. One team takes position in and around the building, while the other tries to take it. No hospital for the defending team, only medic kit and ammo box, but they get the sniper and/or machine gun. After the game swap sides and do the same again. The team which defended the building for longer time is victorious.

Of course there’s a lot of other possible scenarios and we are open to your suggestions.

Check out our weapons and equipment pages for images of this equipment.