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Beacon/strategic target – os an important target which has to be destroyed or defended. With standard setting, it takes 100 hits to destroy the beacon. When destroyed, beacon explodes and takes 2 lives from players who are too close. Warning: beacon takes hits from both teams!

control point

Control point – most popular device, used in almost every scenario. Player captures Control point by firing a shot into it at point blanc and starts the timer for their team. If enemy player captures Control point, they would stop your timer and start their own. Team which first reach the preset time wins the Control point

Automatic hospital

Hospital – one of the most important device, brings back to life “killed” players. We use 2 versions of hospital.

Automatic (black box), which generates reviving impulse every 5 seconds. No need to press button, all that the player has to do is make sure that the transmitter on the box can “see” one of the sensors on the headband. Automatic hospital gives the revived player 5 seconds of immunity-enough time to reach the nearest shelter.

medic kit

Medic kit – one player can be a medic and give back 2 lives to a wounded comrade, by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds in front of the wounded soldier’s headband

command box

Command box – similar to Control Point,but has to be shot 5 times to be captured. Additionally every 15 seconds it emits radiation which takes one life (25 health points) from players who are to close to it.

manual hospital

Manual(grey box), impulse is activated by pressing the red button, there is no immunity with this device

Hostage/VIP – The headband is not connected to any weapon. Useful when you have to transport a VIP safely from one point to another, or when you need to capture somebody alive. Warning: hostage takes hits from all teams, even when friendly fire is switched off!


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