Fostering Joy and Unity: Happy Time’s Polish Camps

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Happy Time’s Polish camps, also known as Polskie Kolonie, are an exceptional project designed to bring the Polish community closer, particularly its younger members. But this fantastic endeavour isn’t exclusive to Polish children. Children from all backgrounds are welcome to partake in the fun-filled activities that these camps have to offer.

A typical day at the camp is an explosion of creativity and action, providing a mix of physical activity, learning, and play. From kayaking to karate, there is no room for boredom. The camp gives children a chance to experience activities that they may not typically encounter, expanding their horizons and promoting new skills.

A particular highlight is the full-day Lasertag games, which we are honoured to provide as part of the camp’s comprehensive program. This game, built on cutting-edge technology, offers the thrill of friendly competition in a safe and controlled environment. The adrenaline rush of strategy and teamwork keeps the children excited and engaged, while fostering cooperation, communication, and fair play. You can check here

We take immense pride in being a part of this exceptional project. Being able to contribute to the camp’s rich tapestry of experiences for these children is a privilege. The energy, enthusiasm, and joy that radiate from each participant make it all the more rewarding.

Happy Time’s Polish Camps are a beacon of community engagement, cultural celebration, and childhood joy. As we continue to support this brilliant project, we eagerly anticipate the many memorable moments to come. Let the Happy Time continue!

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