Embracing Tradition and Community Spirit: The Durrow Scarecrow Festival


Every year, a quaint town in Ireland transforms into a vibrant display of creativity and community spirit: the Durrow Scarecrow Festival. Known far and wide for its unique scarecrow competition since 1954, Durrow has delighted both locals and visitors alike with this captivating tradition.

This festival, lovingly orchestrated by a dedicated group of volunteers, goes beyond just scarecrows. Each year, the event evolves, broadening its appeal, and becoming an increasingly essential part of the community’s calendar. It is a testament to Durrow’s commitment to local culture, unity, and a wholehearted celebration of the summer season.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this iconic event. As one of the largest and most enthusiastic summer festivals in Ireland, the Durrow Scarecrow Festival gives us an unparalleled opportunity to engage with a diverse audience. Positioned conveniently near the festival’s grand display at the green area, we set up our games from Monday to Friday, adding our unique flavor to the week-long festivities.

Our games provide a dynamic, fun-filled experience for festival attendees of all ages. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we invite you to join us in this immersive experience, adding another layer of enjoyment to the festival’s rich offering.

Being a part of the Durrow Scarecrow Festival is not just about providing entertainment; it’s about contributing to a longstanding tradition that binds the community together and attracts people from across Ireland and beyond.As we look forward to being a part of future festivals, we celebrate the enduring spirit of the Durrow community and the joy that the Durrow Scarecrow Festival brings each year. Let’s continue to make memories together in the heart of Ireland.


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